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Air Repair was created by Denise Spanek, a renowned skin care expert and acclaimed beauty industry entrepreneur. The products were designed to meet the specific issues of skin care for the traveler. For the past 25 years, Spanek has researched highly effective skin care brands and successful performance regiments – with the goal of creating her own products that are effective, luxurious, and…effortless. 

The Air Repair Kit is the only system available in the market specifically created to combat the effects of flying and environmental changes that are directly related to one’s skin. Dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines, redness, dull appearance and irritation are quickly and effectively treated with the kit. The Air Repair Kit contains ground-breaking formulations which are petroleum, mineral oil and paraben free. Targeted ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (moisture retention), Cloudberry Seed Oil (a powerful anti-oxidant) and Heat Shock Proteins (climate-adjusting) deliver superior results that are ideal for any and all skin types. Whether in the air or on the ground, Air Repair is the premiere "take care anywhere" skincare kit choice available. The kit is packaged in a see-through travel bag for carry-on convenience. 

“Air Repair will streamline and simplify your daily routine, while alleviating the need for a multitude of other lotions, toners and creams,” President and CEO, Denise Spanek states. “We are especially proud of the comprehensive guidelines we meticulously created in order to illustrate precisely how to maintain the health and radiance of your skin during travel.” 

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Air Repair Skincare Helps Prevent Inflam-Aging Skin

While it’s obvious that too much sun, harsh winds and extreme weather conditions can age the skin, there are two major causes that lead to chronic inflammation of the skin or as we call it, INFLAM-AGING. Everyday the skin is bombarded with harsh environmental factors that trigger inflammatory mediators- the same molecules that act locally at the site of an infection but can over react in this situation, causing dryness, dehydration and irritation. The extract blends specific to Air Repair Skincare are designed to block this pathway and help heal the skin immediately, along with other active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Heat Shock Proteins to deliver visible results.

Irritating preservatives such as Parabens and Mineral Oil, which are still used in many beauty brands today, lead to pre-mature aging of the skin as well. All the Air Repair Skincare products are free of Petroleum, Parabens, and Mineral Oil. AIR REPAIR’S carry-on convenient “grab and glow” travel kit includes everything you need to help combat environmental stresses, including flight fatigue that affect the health of the skin. It’s the only take care anywhere skincare system you’ll ever need.